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[seting up your page colors|basics| How to create links|Putting up images|making an image a link|making thumbnails.|dynamic html!]

Page setup

Setting up color and text color is the most important aspect of making a good page. There are two universal html codes for setting up background and text color. The first one is...

You can replace areas with the word 'color'(do not remove quotation marks!)with real colors or hex code(thats very complacated, just use colors names like blue.)The 'TEXT=' atribute tells the net browser what color the text should be base on the response after the 'TEXT=', like wise all other atributes such as 'LINK=' tells the browser what color that should be.
The more complicated setup for colors uses a image file as the background. The html is...

This is the same as the original exepect instead of a color you us an image. Replace the 'imagefile.filetype' with an exisiting file in your directory.


After you've set up all of your colors you may want to start typing, and mabye add some special features to your text such as italics. Italics, bold, underlined, and crossed out are some pretty simple features.
To create and underlined word first put  before the first word you want underlined and  after the last word. It's that easy. In the ending tag the '/' represents end. To italisize use  and  , for cross out use  and  and for bold use  and 

. After typing something you may want to end a line. Just type

and your done.


To create links just type

Replace TEXT with what you want to show up such as the title, and replace 'file.type' witht the file your linking to.


To paste an image onto your page type

Replace file witht the file name of the image. You can add the atribute 'align=center' to center the pic. to do that just type that after the filename in quotations, but before the >.

Making an image a link

To make an image a link first type in the html for a link as i have tought you, leaving of the ending
now type in the html for and image . now type your ending for the link (which is


Thumb nails are as easy as image links. First type up the html for an image link. After

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